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التقنيةالتقنية والمعلوماتحماية الأجهزة

Protect devices from hacking, accounts, accounts and hacking

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

 Praise be to God and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions and all of them,

 Peace, mercy and blessings of God,,,,

 May Allah grant you good times, and we wish you success,

  •  There are 7 tips contains

  1.  First, avoid the use of links and open it directly through social networking and access to the direct link when loading fake or informal applications, where it can cause access to the link and you will be a victim of your IP number because you entered the link and send a notice to the owner of the link that you entered the show Your number is IP, where you can access you easily and can penetrate your account such as dragging your data, see your messages and address, and pull your browsing data, including the password you entered in advance and others, so do not use external links.

  2.  Downloading programs from direct links or other market players or store programs in your devices corresponds to the devices used, and after downloading and install it may be the imaginary software or server to connect your device to the owner and your controller and application is hidden and does not allow you to search and delete after installing it because it is hidden and therefore does not allow The server, virus or phantom application is effective 24 hours and the program runs immediately after restart and consumes the battery due to this malicious application must be avoided.

  3.  Routing of Android devices is incompatible with the Android system policy and with all the companies. Applications that are attached to the programs in your computer in which the routines and cards allow you the process that prevents the system and thus the programs too, and after the routine you can do in the applications the work you want which is not allowed before the routine violates regulations .

  4.  Routine eliminates the final guarantee and has harmful causes after the routine and is not due to the company’s system restore even after the factory settings and you must cancel the routine through official programs to install the official ROM device with a compatible version of your device user.

  5.  Routing helps Hacker to access your computer as quickly as possible, because the protection of your computer is over after the installation of the routine, and does not prevent hacker to access your computer and does not detect the system mainly that there is hacker trying to connect in your device, so avoid the routine of your device.

  6.  In the case of your device is available in the routine You must download the latest official version of your device by typing your mobile type and then search and search for it and download and download the program that is attached to the system is the Udine and raise the ROM and install it after entering into the sword Mod your computer where then cancel your system and full cards and set the Roman system official And original factory settings.

  7.  The basics of Tkkir accounts and devices is because of the installation of the routine, increase followers Twitter Twitter Facebook and non-social networking, after downloading and installation requires the program to enter your account after the intervention of your data sends a notice of the same data to an illegal person and can change your account password,

  8.  These are the most important observations that cause the calculations to be neglected. Please avoid the above remarks

 Mr: Alalawi9

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